Chapter History

On April 26, 1985 Omicron Delta Lambda was chartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Selvin L. Gordon, James B. Harris and Howard Burch.


The history of Omicron Delta Lambda chapter is very similar to the origins of Alpha Phi Alpha. During the early 80′s, there were a large number of Alphas who had graduated from college and were living in Philadelphia - but  were not affiliated with any alumni chapter in the city.

Although there were two alumni chapters in Philadelphia at the time, these brothers desired a closer union based on their common bonds of youth and fraternal philosophy.


In 1983, these young men decided to form “Alpha Elite”, an informal association of Alphas that wanted to advance the light of Alpha and rekindle it’s flame among young brothers who were recent college graduates. The focus of Alpha Elite was to stimulate the interest of its members, both socially and professionally they worked hard to build a  network and support system for young men who were experiencing similar challenges in establishing themselves and their careers.


In the fall of 1984, at a Delta Pi chapter “Smoker” on the campus of Cheyney University, these young men were challenged by Eastern Regional Vice-President Bill Ross and State Director Frank Devine, along with a few others, to become financial and do the work of Alpha from within a chapter structure.


That fraternal confrontation on the campus of Cheyney was the catalyst that motivated the brothers of “Alpha Elite” to seek their own alumni chapter. Eastern Regional Vice-President, Bill Ross, was very instrumental in facilitating this. On April 26, 1985 Omicron Delta Lambda was chartered in Philadelphia, PA. The founders are Selvin L. Gordon, James B. Harris and Howard Burch. These men were the driving force that moved an informal amalgamation of men into a chapter that has truly infused Philadelphia with the spirit of Alpha Phi Alpha!

Chapter Lineage

Spring 1988

(Initiated 04/02/1988)

Dean: Jeffrey C. Hill


James Brown

Dave M. Dale

Gary J. Dryden

Theodore L. Ganges, IV

Randal O. Holly

Gary O’Neill

Ronald Only

Donald Presswood

Derrick Russell

Calvin Small

Anthony Smoot

Dwight Staten

Christopher Womack

Spring 1987  

(Initiated 03/28/1987)
Dean: Wallace Walker, Esq.
Reginald V. Cooper
Tyrone S. Cooper
Bobby L. Jones
Gregory Stephens
Michael C. Sutton

Spring 1990  

(Initiated: 04/07/1990)
Dean: Kevin A. Spratley
Joseph L. Barr, Jr.
William H. Hubbard
Solomon Hunter, Jr.
Ronald W. Jackson, II
James C. Roberson, II

Spring 1989

(Initiated: 03/25/1989)
Dean: Ralph Baker
Ben Brennan
Kenneth G. Coffin
Kevin A. Cross
Brian S. Haynesworth
Darryl Ridgeway
Miller Simmons, III
Lavonne Strand
Steven Taylor

Spring 1995  

(Initiated: 05/06/1995)
Dean: Jonathan Powell
William E. Dozier

Darren A. Williams

Spring 1993

(Initiated: 04/24/1993)
Dean: Phillip J. Ginyard
Ivan L. Crosling
Clarence Watson, Jr.
Bradley L. Candie
Michael Brown

Spring 1992

(Initiated 04/25/1992)

Dean: James B. Harris, Sr.


Theodore O. Jackson, II

Keith A. Adams

Johnathan Powell

Robert K. Kee


Spring 1991  

(Initiated 05/19/1991)
Dean: Dan Henderson
Roger J. Jackson, Jr.

Spring 1996  

(Initiated 03/10/1996)
Dean: Kevin Spratley
James G. Jones

Lynell Crawford

Jepthae Burwell

Jerome Q. Croxton

Narberth Rice

Spring 2000  

(Initiated: 07/29/2000)
Dean: Theodore O. Jackson, II

Asst-Dean: John F. Jeter
Samuel B. Harrison, III

Spring 1999

(Initiated: 03/27/1999)
Dean: James L. Irvin

Asst-Dean: John E. Davis
Omari Jamlik Johnson
Patrick Lee
John F. Jeter

Spring 1998

(Initiated 05/02/1998)

Dean: Dennis L Mitchell

Asst-Dean: Narberth Rice


Ronald S. Brisbane

Fall 2004  

(Initiated: 11/12/2004)

Intake Coordinator: Ivory Dewitt

Dean: Fred O. Hamilton
Brian Marc Rogers

Spring 2004

(Initiated: 03/27/2004)
Intake Coordinator: Rob Shaviss

Dean: Zeta Psi Bros (05/2000)
Richard Smith

Jamal Clickscales

Fall 2001  

(Initiated 11/03/2001)
Dean: Lance Jamison

Asst-Dean: James L. Irvin
Irran Jaamal Brown

Leonard Wakefield

Fred O. Hamilton, II

James Harris, Jr.

Cory Whitaker

Spring 2003

(Initiated 03/29/2003)

Intake Coordinator: Ivory Dewitt

Dean: James L. Irvin

Asst-Dean: Ivan L. Crosling

Asst-Dean: Fred O. Hamilton


Rev. Terry Oakman

Todd Hunter

Tyron Vereen

Quinsulon Israel

Richard Owens


Dr. Paul Alexander

Spring 2009  

(Initiated: 03/28/2009)

Dean: Tyron Vereen

Asst-Dean: Ryan McLeod

Asst-Dean: Kevin Spratley

Jarell Demetric Short

Emmanuel Chimereze Nwachuku

Omar Yusuf Graham

Andrew Neville Walker

Spring 2008

(Initiated: 03/22/2008)

Dean: James L. Irvin

Asst-Dean: Ryan McLeod

Asst-Dean: Tyron Vereen

Asst-Dean: Kevin Spratley


Zahmu Brian Robinson-Sankofa

Terry Joseph Ticey


Lamar Simmons

Lee Aqil King

Taiwan Dequincy Short

Kevin Harden, Jr.

Robert Mikah Gibson

Shamir Ali Garland

Fall 2005  

(Initiated: 10/29/2005)
Dean: Todd V. Hunter

Asst-Dean: Brian M. Rogers
Brian L. Coleman

Robert Brown, III

Christopher E. Chaplin

Fall 2006

(Initiated: 11/11/2006)

Dean: Quinsulon Israel

Asst-Dean: Todd V. Hunter

Asst-Dean: Robert Brown, III


Opeyemi Oludare Oyekanmi

Chijioke Okafor

Spring 2010  

(Initiated: 04/24/2010)
Dean: Taiwan D. Short

Asst-Dean: Marlon Jones

Asst-Dean: Kevin Harden, Jr.
Phinezee Terrez Stokes, III

Blanchard George Diavua


Jason Wesley Harris

Cedric Lamar Hall

Ikheem Rockmon Rhodes

Keith Aaron Wallace

Fall 2011

(Initiated: 11/05/2011)

Dean: E. Chimereze Nwachuku

Asst-Dean: Tyron Vereen

Asst-Dean: Cedric Hall


Faisal Adebayo Yayah

Rodrick Hosea Evangelist

Tyrone Johnson

Anthony Terrell Moore

Michael Lee Jenkins, Jr.


Fall 2013

(Initiated: 10/27/2013)

Dean: Ikheem Rockmon Rhodes

Asst-Dean: Blanchard Diavua

Asst-Dean: Anthony Terrell Moore


Gerald Scott Mack

Eric  Sylvester Toatley

Julian Andre McKnight


Spring 2015

(Initiated: 03/08/2015)

Dean: Lee King

Asst-Dean: Marlon Jones

Cameo Domique Pritchett

Brian Curtis Gibson Jr.

Johnny Stanley Webb


Spring 2016

(Initiated: 03/13/2016)

Dean: Anthony Moore

Asst-Dean: Rodrick Evangelist

Bryan Anthony Martin

Adewale Adefemi


Spring 2017

(Initiated: 03/12/2017)

Dean: Rodrick Hosea Evangelist

Asst-Dean: Jason Wesley Harris

Asst-Dean: Cameo Dominque Harper

Deshawn Nathaniel Harper

Avery Alexander Jackson-Pyatt

Chima Lawrence Onukwuru

David Ricardo Thompson

Amir Rashad Thorne


Spring 2018

(Initiated: 03/25/2018)

Dean: Eric Lamar Mackie

Asst-Dean: Blanchard George Diavua

Asst-Dean: Deshawn Nathaniel Harper

Dia Khari Johnson

Jeremy Warren Cooper

Wesley Alexander Jones


Spring 2019

(Initiated: 03/24/2019)

Dean: Deshawn Nathaniel Harper

Asst-Dean: Avery Jackson-Pyatt

Asst-Dean: Dia Khari Johnson

Harven Auguste

Nathaniel Jamal Lewis

Jah-Kefim Reuben McKenzie

Joseph Rodney Bishop

Claude Miller Charles


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