Chapter Dues

Members can pay the Alumni chapter dues and fraternal grand tax using the methods listed below.


-Omicron Delta Lambda chapter dues are $250 for Brothers who are 3 years or more out of undergraduate.

- 2nd year beyond Undergrad $187.50

- 1rst year beyond Undergrad $150.00

 - Option 1 - Full Payment through PayPal, send $250 to using Friends and Family as a payment option.

- Option 2 - Monthly Payments (3 Payments) in PayPal - please click on link located on top left of the page.

- Option 3 - Send using CASH APP - $odlalphas

- For all Payments please include your Name and AlphaNet ID on transaction.

Due Date is Nov 15th 

- Grand Tax's are $150 for non-life Brothers who are 3 years or more out of undergraduate college. This tax should be paid via AlphaNet or by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

- Please note that the chapter and fraternity ask for payments in the early fall of the fraternal year.

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